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 Eric Clapton and Friends

I feel privileged to be asked by Eric Clapton to join him on the new album, "The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale," with Eric Clapton and friends, that was released on July 29th. I am honored to be a featured artist, along with Tom Petty, John Mayer, Willie Nelson, Mark Knopfler and Eric. Many other great musicians and friends are also featured." ... DW

The CD is available locally or thru iTunes. My 3 songs can be downloaded individually via the same link.

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Listen to DW's "Train to Nowhere" on YouTube
Interviews with Eric Clapton, Don White and others on YouTube

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Oklahoma Magazine Sep 2014 issue: Don's interview about the new CD.

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JJ Cale once said about Don "... when I came back from California broke, Don gave me a job. He was a country singer-songwriter and he is really good. You know when country music went from strictly country to country boogie? ... Don was doing that before anybody. He went to Nashville for a while. ... and he’s got a couple of songs that would kill you, man."

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What the reviewers of the new CD had to say about DW:

RollingStone Review: By Patrick Dolye, 07/29/2014: "– and, best of all, Don White, from Cale's native Tulsa, Oklahoma, howls the Burrito Brothers-style stomper "I'll Be There," grooving like a high-noon drive through the Baja desert."

PopMatters Review: By Scott Recker, 08/25/14: "One of the best tracks is the Don White-led “I’ll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)”, a Bakersfield country-leaning throwback that captures the essence of Cale, but wiggles away just enough to add some fresh flair."

NewOK: By Brandy McNonnell, 08/02/14: "White darn near steals the show on the bluesy “Sensitive Kind,” the loping “I’ll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)” and the chugging “Train to Nowhere” (also featuring Knopfler)."

DrownedInSound Review: By Joe Goggins, 07/22/14: "To that latter end, the decision to bring long-time Cale collaborator Don White into the fold is a neat touch, as he more than holds his own alongside Clapton and Knopfler on ‘Train to Nowhere."

Music Reviews & News: By Keith "MuzikMan" Hammaleck,08/27/14: "Don White adds a sensual atmosphere to the low-key “Sensitive Kind.” ... Mark Knopfler, White, and Clapton make their case for best song on the album with the lively and harmonious “Train to Nowhere.”"

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