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"If you want to know who is truly talented in the music business, don’t ask the publicists, booking agents, managers or others in the front offices. Ask those on the front lines – the singers, songwriters and players. They gauge an artist by the way he touches their heart with no regard to whomever tops the charts. Their opinions are based on feelings, not figures.
  One music critic put it this way, “Don White is one of the originators and perpetuators of the Tulsa Sound. Don White’s sound is a smooth blend of Rhythm and Blues, Country Blues, Honky Tonk Shuffle and Rock and Roll with a kind of hard-bitten optimism. So listen to White and discover what those in the know have known. Find America’s best-kept creative secret and let your senses burn. They will – from the flame of the artistic excellence.” (Oklahoma Music Shop, Featured Artist Don White)

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Don White OK Patchwork CD Cover

DW's latest CD, Patchwork, is now available from here, thru PayPal or from
    Read John Wooley's feature article about DW and his Patchwork CD in Oklahoma Magazine, scroll to pages 24-25.

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If you missed DW playing, singing and being interviewed in his music documentary (that aired on Tulsa's CW channel) produced by Oklahoma Music Shop. You can watch it here (The documentary's music was captured from DW's live performance at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.)

If you'd like to nominate DW to Oklahoma's Music Hall of Fame you can do that here.

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DW's number of YouTube videos is growing - check out the list

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 Eric Clapton and Friends

I feel privileged to be asked by Eric Clapton to join him on the new album, "The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale," with Eric Clapton and friends. I am honored to be a featured artist, along with Tom Petty, John Mayer, Willie Nelson, Mark Knopfler and Eric. Many other great musicians and friends are also featured." ... DW

The CD is available locally or thru iTunes. My 3 songs (I’ll Be There (If You Ever Want Me), Sensitive Kind and Train to Nowhere) can be downloaded individually via the same link.

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Read what the press has to say about DW's songs on this album.

Listen to DW's "Train to Nowhere" on YouTube
Interviews with Eric Clapton, Don White and others on YouTube

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