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Don White OK New Patchwork CD Cover

"White's latest 11-cut disc, fittingly titled Patchwork, are all great examples of the low-key county-blues groove that's a hallmark of the Don White Sound.
   A lot of muscial territory gets covered [in White's new disc]. There's a cowboy number with some Sons of the Pioneers-style wordless harmonies, a powerful story-song called Good Old Times, and even a humorous offering to close the collection. The latter, one of only two tracks not written by White, is Look at Granny Run, Run, the tale of a newly randy grandpa and his appalled and fleeing wife. Penned by rock 'n' roll icons Jerry Ragovoy and Mort Shuman. ... The other non-original is I Didn't Want to Boogie written by drummer Jerry Allison [of the Crickets]. A wry and rueful tune about hesitating when you should be acting, it was sent to White by Allison himself.
    John Wooley. (Oklahoma Magazine, Sep. 2015 issue) p.24-25


1.     Tulsa Shuffle #1
2.     Tunnel of Love
3.     Loving You Is Right
4.     Blues Forever
5.     Song Dogs (A Cowboy Song)
6.     Bless My Soul
7.     How Lucky
8.     I Didn't Want to Boggie
            (with the Crickets)
9.     Helluva Deal
10.   Good Old Times
11.   Look at Granny Run, Run

Vocals: Don White

Backup Vocals:
    Don White, (tracks 8,9 &10)
    Ron Wallace, (tracks 5 & 7)
    Casey Van Beek (track 1)

    Don White (all tracks except 8 &11)
    Jerry Allison, (track 8)
    Jerry Ragovoy, (track 11)

Guitars: Don White, Jack Pearson.
Bass: Robby Turner, Casey Van Beek, Don White, Joe B. Maulden.
Drums: Billy Taylor, David Teegarden, J.I. Allison, "Rockin' Rodney.

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